Unisto e-Guard Data Trans

Unisto e-Guard Data Trans has the same features of Unisto e-Guard. Additionally you can download your sealing history via Bluetooth. The reusable, electronic security seal for trucks, trailers and vans. Unisto e-Guard Data Trans: combats internal and external fraud and theft in the entire supply chain. The ultimate reusable security seal solution to prevent loss and fraud along the entire supply chain and at the same time Unisto e-Guard Data Trans is the optimal solution to reduce plastic waste. Unisto e-Guard Data Trans easily detects if cargo doors, vans or containers have been opened during transport. This electronic security seal is the ideal solution for the transport and retail industries. The solid costruction makes Unisto e-Guard Data Trans also suitable to be used in extreme weather conditions and circumstances, like on the back of a truck. 

Features of this security seal

Seal Type
Electronic seal
Truck doors, containers, trailers 
  • Unisto e-Guard Data Trans is an electronic seal with an advanced LED display
  • With our App you can download your sealing history via Bluetooth 
  • By connecting Unisto e-Guard Data Trans to the App you have access to the last 500 sealing events  
  • Automatic control over unauthorized opening of cargo
  • On closing, the seal automatically generates a unique number that can be entered in the freight documents. If the Unisto e-Guard Data Trans ’s display shows the same number on arrival, it is certain the cargo doors, trailer or container have not been opened during transit. A new unique number is generated each time the transport has to stop for additional loading or offloading. 
  • Solid construction, designed specifically for use in extreme weather circumstances. It comes with a special designed metal cradle and is completely protected from water, dust, salt, dirt and oil and withstand severe temperature fluctuations. 
  • After that time, the battery can be replaced by the user himself, making the Unisto e-Guard Data Trans very cost effective solution to combat loss of goods in your supply chain! 
Operating Temperature
-30 to +70 degrees Celcius  
Pet G  
Pull strenght
50 kg 
Standard Cable length
50 cm (other lengths on request) 
Cabel width
8 mm 
265 g (incl. battery) 
Weight Industrial bracket
430 g
 Lithium Xtra, 3,6Volt 
Operating temperature battery
-55 to +85 degrees Celcius 
Operating System Android 8.0 or higher

The safe and environmentally sustainable disposal of reusable, electronic Unisto e-Guard and e-Guard Data Trans security seals

The responsable disposal of these products serves to protect public health and the environment.

Please do not dispose of end-of-life lithium powered Unisto e-Guard together with your regular household or business waste. Please take them to appropriate WEEE compliant electrical recycling centres or to designated battery and small electricals drop-off sites in your community. 


Unisto e-Guard and Unisto e-Guard Data Trans do not have an Attex approval.



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