Unisto Manta

Blue chip Electronic Security Seal. Reusable Security Seal for Truck doors, Containers and Trailers. Well-known in the Transport, Shipping, Rail and Retail industry. Each four-digit seal number is randomly generated. The Event Memory also records the time and date each sealing and opening took place. Simple to fit and operate, the Unisto Manta offers a cost-effective way to enhance and simplify your Security and Logistical process. Solid construction makes this product suitable for all weather conditions.

Electronic security seal with 100 event memory

The Unisto Manta is a cost-effective security solution that will enhance and simplify security procedures, indicating tampering and deterring collusion. Generating a unique time- and date- stamped seal number each time the vehicle is closed and opened, the Manta registers and records all sealing and opening events. By creating an audit trail the Manta can provide evidence in the event of a security breach. Simple to fit and operate, the self-powered Manta seal is built to withstand all weather conditions and will provide years of trouble-free operation.

Unisto Manta User Guide

Features of this security seal

Type of Seal
Electronic Seals


  • Generates a random 4 digit seal number
  • Illuminated LED display with good visibility in poor light conditions
  • 100 event memory: Verification of seal number, time and date of sealing and opening, instant memory access to the built-in audit trail enabling easy analysis of security violations or on time delivery
  • Self-powered, durable, rugged design for permanent installation. Manta is tested to IP69K to withstand high pressure cleaning and typical operating conditions worldwide, to ensure long life. (IP69K test specification supplied on request)
  • Easy to operate, minimum staff training required
  • 500 mm plastic coated cable hasp as standard
  • Flash memory for future upgrades
  • Remote Sensor version allows multiple access points to be sealed using a single Unisto Manta
Umweltverträgliche Entsorgung

The safe and environmentally sustainable disposal of reusable, electronic C2K and Manta Seals

The responsable disposal of these products serves to protect public health and the environment.

Please do not dispose of end-of-life lithium powered Unisto C2K or Manta Seals together with your regular household or business waste. Please take them to appropriate WEEE compliant electrical recycling centres or to designated battery and small electricals drop-off sites in your community.

Unisto Manta- Security Seal
Blue chip Electronic Security Seal. Reusable Security Seal for Truck doors, Containers and Trailers. 


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